In this 2hour video I will be creating synth patches with Massive & Sylenth which are presented in this short promo video. As a bonus you will get a Progressive & Dark Kick and Bass Tutorial for free ! Hope you have fun with this tutorial !!!  

This time its a VA Aural Expansion and a Remix album from Ovnimoon himself on which i remixed his track Holographic Sphere.

Here is a new release on Ovnimoon Records, this time Aurafood made a remix from my track “Offbeat Heartbeat” that was released on my first album Wry Figments. Hope you like the remix because Aurafood has done a awesome job !

Ahooooy there people ! I have been workin on this tutorial for ahwile now and I hope you will find it usefull ! This course will teach you everything you need to know to make a professional up-to-date Psy-Trance track from start to finish.  The tutorial has been made in conjunction with Soundmagus Music Production   Read More …

Well this is awesome, our (Audioform & PsiloCybian) first release is finally out on Beatport !!! Solid State Project Extraterrestrial Botanist Check it ouuut

A kick ass VA compiled by compiled by Ovnimoon and Dr. Spook featuring my track “Proof of Principle”. Hope you like it

The day is Finally here ! Brain Dissolver got released on beatport, and the cd release is scheduled for May.01.2012. Hope you will have fun listening to it as much as i had creating it !

Well girls and boys, my second album is coming soon. Appart from being extatic that i actually managed to finish it due to all the other stuff i had to worry about (finished collage yeeey ! ), I will be changin my home label aswell ! I will be releasing my 2nd album on Hyperflow   Read More …

Here is the second part of Mysteries of Psytrance. Really happy to be a part of this, some really nice tracks on it. Cheers to Yashpal who worked with me on this track.

There you go guys, i finally got around to make some vids to help people get started and to show music production isnt that scarry or hard. All it requires is some love.

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